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  • Quick Response

    myAssistant is very quick! Utilizing the latest in speech recognition technology and a powerful, proprietary, artificial intelligence engine, getting tasks done and finding information couldn't be easier!

  • Intelligent

    myAssistant uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology to parse and understand what it is that you want. myAssistant will be a continual work in progress and with the feedback from you, consistant updates to the intelligence engine based on feedback received.

  • Speech Recognition

    There are already many different ways you can ask for a particular task with myAssistant and through continued development, the flexibility will only increase. This app is different because it doesn't try to impress you by giving you a single answer to your query. myAssistant provides you with a new way to search, discover, and be productive.

  • Help Those In Need

    Most importantly, 15% of all proceeds from myAssistant sales will be going toward efforts to help those in need in Kenya. We are passionate about the people of Kenya and with your help, we can all make a difference!

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