Building A Website With Semalt  That Is Worthy Of 1st Pages On Search Engines

Ever since the creation of Semalt, there has been one primary goal: getting your website to the first page. This journey wouldn't be an easy one, and neither will it be immediate. With our dedicated team, hard-working staff, and professionals in charge of every aspect of your website, we are sure to get your website in its rightful page, which is the first place on SERP.

Building a website is only the first step in the journey of sales boost or internet dominance. In this era, not being on the internet does more harm than good. But the benefits of being on the internet are best exploited when you get people to see and respond to your content. 

After building the website, the second challenge to tackle is getting clicks. The primary focus of your website is to get clicks. Many clicks, and if you aren't able to achieve this primary goal, your investment in building your website has failed. However, if you can pull it off, the advantages are limitless. You begin to enjoy business boom, expansion, endorsement deals, and many more benefits depending on your website. Your website is designed for visitors and viewers who didn't have an idea or clue that your website existed. Without being on the first page of SERP, it becomes very difficult for your website to be found. 

Gone are the days where having a website was a mere option. In our current society, if you fail to have a website or at least a form of presence on the internet, your business has a limited reach. This is because only locally based consumers can find their way to your physical stores or stations. With the internet, you open up your business to the 4.57 billion internet users across the globe. Now, there is no way you can reach that amount with flyers. Your business also becomes more convenient and easily accessible to a larger number of users, but all this wouldn't be possible if you're unable to get to SERP 1st page. 

There are millions of websites, some have gone dormant, others haven't been discovered, and some are at the top of the food chain. These different results are as a result of how these websites were built.

Having a company like Semalt build your website puts you at an advantage, and when we are done, your website becomes 1st page worthy. We also modify and manage already existing websites, making it 1st page worthy. 

As with anything in nature, there is competition. There is competition for who is better, stronger, and more dedicated to achieving a goal. Imagine owning a restaurant in the street filled with restaurants, all offering similar dishes. If you take a closer look, there will be one restaurant that does better than all other; there will be one restaurant that will be ranked first because they have certain features that makes them better than other websites.

These features are similar to what your website will need to get to the first page on SERP. 

How to Get on Google's First Page

Hire Semalt to Get You There

Surprised right? Semalt is the ultimate web company. This is because Semalt is designed to get you to the first page. However, hiring Semalt means you get to sit back and watch your website move and increase its ranking till we get it to the first SERP page. 

Website Speed

How fast your website loads influences how high Google places your website on SERP. The primary objective of search engines like Google is satisfying its users. This means that frustrating them or making them wait offends Google. Your website also suffers because these visitors won't take long before leaving your site. This isn't good because you lose out of converting visitors to customers. Your page speed isn't important to your users only; it also influences the speed at which Google crawlers can move through your website. If your website loads slowly, Google crawlers will find fewer pages on your websites, and more pages won't get indexed. When this happens, some of your webpages will fail to be ranked, reducing your website's overall ranking.  

Using Keywords 

Keywords are another aspect of SEO. We have discussed the importance of keywords in getting your website more traffic. By increasing the amount of traffic moving into your website, you increase Google's interest in your site, which gets you to the first page. Keywords are identity markers search engine algorithms depend on to find a website that meets the requirements of its users. When a user enters a word or a string of words on Google's search panel, these inputs serve as keywords. Search engine algorithms spring into action as they move through hundreds of websites looking for sites that meet the user's needs. They spot the correct websites by locating these keywords in the contents of these websites and then display them.  

Easy To Navigate 

The design of your website has a huge impact on your content, its presentation on how your visitors will react to your content. Poor website designs make it difficult for visitors to navigate your website and find the information they are searching for. As a result, visitors would leave before having a chance to read your content. In this case, there is no point in having a website.  
Our website should use proper heading, fonts, and colors to ensure excellent visibility and attractive design. Having a website that isn't mobile-friendly can also affect the readability of your content on mobile devices.  

A Mobile-Friendly Website

Anyone who has experience in SEO or web design understands the importance of making a website mobile-friendly. If you're planning on getting to the first page but haven't considered this, you're a couple of steps behind. Since 2015, Google has made mobile-friendliness compulsory for getting on the first page. In 2017, Google also made its first mobile indexing. This shows how interested Google is in ensuring every website is mobile friendly. There is a rising number of internet users who use mobile devices. With the rising number, website designers have to create websites that can maintain its structure and design in laptops and mobile devices. Without a mobile-friendly website, you can accidentally send away your users.  

Gaining Users Trust

The internet can be a tricky place, and users must be careful not to fall victim to fraudsters. Unlike many other SEO areas, it isn't easy to measure how much your users trust your site. However, gaining the trust of your visitors plays a vital role in getting ranked. First impressions matter, and there's no doubt that people can form opinions quickly, and when they do, it is almost impossible to change their minds. Over the years, users have created their preference for websites not just because they are good but also because they trust their content and services. By creating a phenomenal user experience, visitors begin to trust your website. Users want websites that are simple to navigate and websites that give them the information you want. Keeping it simple and easy to navigate makes your website more trustworthy to your visitors. 

An old and outdated website makes it difficult to use by visitors. Most people will end up feeling bad and could leave your website and have it blacklisted. A bad website makes your business look bad, and it makes users feel as though you aren't putting in enough effort.


Speaking of improving the speed at which web crawlers move through your site, Sitemaps helps improve this speed. Its name speaks for itself, "Sitemap." Without maps, it's difficult for us to find our way around places. Likewise, sitemaps help WebCrawler's easily find their way around your website. Sitemaps provide search engines with a guide on all the pages and contents listed on your website. You can now tell search engines which pages are the most important in your site. This feature is best for larger websites with many web pages and new websites that do not have any external links.  

Sitemaps also help user navigation. When new users are having a difficult time navigating your website, they can refer to your site map to get to pages.

Finally, site maps contain important metadata about your webpages and improve your chances of getting ranked.